Business in a Basket

Cornerstone Baskets proudly presents itís Business In A Basket.

Business in a Basket Kit

Our Business Kit contains everything you need to turn your love of basket weaving into a Successful Business teaching basket weaving classes from your home. Sharon Klusmann has taken her 25 years of experience teaching classes and everything she has learned along the way to build a successful, growing business.  In this business kit she shares her tips for success so that you, too, can have the business of your dreams.

Just look what you will receive:

1 Business in a Basket NOTEBOOK   Building Your Base (OPERATIONS)
   Patterns (3 beginner, 1 intermediate and 2 more advanced)
   Weaving In the Customers (MARKETING)
   Getting a Handle On The LEGAL Issues
   Lacing the Ends Together (FINANCIAL)

   Also included in your notebook are eleven (11) different forms that will help you and your business stay organized.  Some of these forms are ready to be copied while others are sample ideas that you can use at each party.

2 Business in a Basket PATTERNS  

   Six Cornerstone Baskets original patterns. 

3 Cracker Basket kit  

   A kit of the Cracker Basket, complete with color and ready to be woven.

4    Newly published book, Small Business Savvy: A women's guide to building a business.

   This 250 page book was written by Norma J. Rist, president of Norma J. Rist CEO consulting, Inc.  Her book will help you to build the business of your dreams beginning with a solid plan, juggling your many hats, marketing without fear and concluding with finding the right financial system that works for you and networking.

5    As a bonus, after your purchasing Business in a Basket, you will then be able to order basket patterns from Cornerstone Baskets at a wholesale price in quantities of 3 or more.

   Business In A Basket complete with its 50 page notebook, 6 patterns, a cracker basket kit and Norma Rist's 250 page autographed book, Small Business Savvy, is available for $219.00.   

You can't lose!  Just look:

You will receive two beginner basket patterns in your kit that are priced at $16 when woven in your class.  If you hold one full class (10 people) and everyone weaves one of these two baskets, you will bring in $160 and show a profit by your second class!

         Order now and get started on making your dream of a home-based business an exciting reality!

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