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All orders under 10# will be mailed USPS.  Orders over 10# will be mailed UPS

All kits include a pattern
, Royal Blue, Red, Burgundy, Mauve, Purple, Teal, Orange, Black, Smoked & Dk Green

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TIPS FOR THE BEGINNER BASKET WEAVER                   aThis 4-page guide will help those of you who have never woven before or who are at the beginning stages.  It lets you know what supplies you will need to start, techniques for getting your first rows in tightly, tips on shaping, twining with a step up, triple twining with a step up and everything your basket weaving teacher would clue you in on during your first couple of classes.

TIPS - $5.00


FOR YOUR FIRST BASKET                            NAPKIN BASKET                                                                                   This is a great basket to learn basic basket weaving skills.  You will learn a solid woven base, start/stop weaving, lacing a rim and a how to form a double bow.  8" x8" x 4-1/2" 

Kit - $18.00  Includes, pattern and all natural and dyed reed.  Please specify color choices.  Pictured in Navy and Burgundy.                                                 Pattern only - $4.00


 FOR YOUR FIRST BASKET               CRACKER BASKET This is also a great basket to learn basic basket weaving skills.  You will learn a solid woven base, start/stop weaving, twining using 1/4" color and seagrass, attaching leather handles and lacing a rim.  11" x 4" x 2-1/2"                        

Kit -$18.00  Includes pattern and all natural and dyed reed & leather handles.  Please specify color choices.  Pictured in Navy, Burgundy & Hunter.                                                                                         Pattern only - $4.00                                                

 ~ 3 Color Choices
On Left:  Autumn Space Dyed
In Middle:  Pastel Space  Dyed
On Right:  Mahogany Space Dyed

This pencil basket can also be used to hold flowers or utensils.  It begins with a 3" wooden base and twills up the entire side with this easy OVER 3 UNDER 2 twill. The rim is laced in waxed linen using the 3 colors that are in the space dyed reed you choose.  Embellish with a hand made with love beaded charm.  A quick, easy project that will impress! Height:  5-3/4"  Dia. at top:  4"

Kit -$20.00  Includes pattern and all natural and space dyed reed.  Please specify color choices listed above.

Pattern only - $4.00                                             Base only - $3.00

TOTE BASKET                                          Whether you need to carry text books or quilt supplies, this tote basket is perfect to fit your needs.  Features sturdy shaker tape straps and Autumn Space Dyed Reed at rim and body to accent its green strap handle.  Great beginner basket and a good lesson in shaping.

Kit - $41.00  Includes pattern, all natural and space dyed reed and hunter handle strap.                          Extra Strap w/purchase of kit only:  $3.50            Pattern only - $4.00

        FLOWER AFFAIR                                                                                           This adorable basket begins with a 4-1/2" square slotted base and shapes to a gradual flair at the top.  Techniques are start/stop weaving, 2-2 twining, arrow twining, traditional rim techniques and shaping tips.  Can be used for anything from a Tissue Holder to a Utensil Holder.  Receive 2 pre-made flower embellishments with beaded centers in your kit.  Colors pictured are Black and Teal.  May choose black and a different color from my choices above.  Finished size:  6-3/4" x 7" x 7"

Kit - $27.00                                                             Pattern only - $5.00                                                Base only - $3.25  


     FLOWERS GALORE                       Learn the basics of a woven base with chicken feet, start/stop weaving, twining, a fancy wrapped handle and traditional rim techniques.  This market basket is not only practical but beautiful with its pre-made flower embellishments with bead centers.  Colors pictured are black and burgundy. May choose black and a different color from the choices above.H: 12"   W: 8-1/2"   L: 16"          

Kit - $39.00                                                            Pattern only - $4.00                                                Embellishments not sold separately at this time.


PINK RIBBON NAPKIN           This practical basket can be hung or stand alone and used for any number of things but great for napkins.  It has a woven base, pink spokes with pink start/stop weavers and an easy natural continuous twill pattern.  The pink ribbon theme is carried out with the shape of the handle in the back and embellishment on the front.  Choose from this hand made beveled disc stamped with either "Faith" or "Hope" along with the hanging pink Swarovski crystal included in kit.           H 7-1/2"  W 4"   L 9"

Kit -$31.00                                                          Pattern only - $4.50                                                 Embellishment only - $5.50 Specify "Faith" or "Hope."

BURLAP MARKET                                                                                                  This version of our Williamsburg Market Basket is woven for that authentic "Old Time" look for a trip to the market in the village of Williamsburg.  It features natural and smoked reed and a burlap weaver over top a 2" maple strip.  It is adorned with two burlap roses and twisted hemp for an embellishment which is included in kit.

Kit - $51.00                                                         Pattern only - $4.00                                         Additional burlap strips with 2" maple, plus roses and hemp can be purchased ONLY with the purchase of a kit - $10.00


Learn the basics on this burlap swing handled basket.  This pattern is written for the beginner basket weaver and explains in detail how to set up a woven base with chicken feet, start/stop weaving, twining, descending rows, inserting handles, traditional rim and shaping.  It features a burlap weaver and burlap flower with pip berries which are all included in kit.  H 13"  W 9"  L12"


Kit - $42.00                                                        Pattern only - $5.00 



The uniqueness of this practical caddy is the 3 sided handle which is attached into a wooden slotted base.  The pattern explains how to string beads around the center where the colored spokes are.  The basket is all start/stop weaving with a traditional rim.  Matching yarn and strings of beads are added as an aditional embellishment.  Available in the following colors:  Purple (shown) Teal (shown), Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Dark Green, Burgundy, and Black.  Heifht w/handle:  10", Height w/o handle:  5-1/2", Width:  7", Length:  14"

Kit - $46.00
Pattern only - $5.00                                                Handle/Base Combo only -

DESK ORGANIZER                                 Keep organized with this divided basket for your pens, note paper, dictionary, calculator, etc.  Divider included in kit and directions for making divider also included.

Kit -$29                                                              Pattern only - $4.00                                           Divider only - $6.00   

PENCIL MUG                                         This practical little pencil basket is in the shape of a mug and sits nicely on any desk at home or in your office.  This is a great gift for teachers, college students and that husband who is so hard to buy for!  Dimensions 3 x 3 x 5" high.

Kit - $14.00                                                             Pattern only - $14.00

HANGING MAGAZINE            Hang or set your favorite magazines in this sturdy, easy to weave Hanging Magazine basket, or it can also help unclutter your bathroom by holding a curling iron and hair dryer. Design features a decorative chair caned  handle.

Kit - $32.00                                                             Pattern - $4.00



WILLIAMSBURG MARKET  This is a beginner basket but with the 12 beautifully painted buildings from the village of Williamsburg adored around all 4 sides, bordered with smoked reed and four twisted bows, it becomes a true work of art.  Kit includes UNPAINTED 2" Maple Strip.       Height w/handle 14"  Length 20"  Width 11


Kit - $43.00                                                             Pattern only -$4.00                                         Pattern with instructions for painting Williamsburg Village - $9.00


Painting packet was designed and painted by Barbara Franzreb Bunsey at:                                  Visit her website at:  Barb can be hired to paint her original design on the 2" strip for $100.00. 

WINE BASKET                          This hunter and purple elegant wine basket is practical for carrying two bottles of wine or two 2-liter bottles of pop.  It has a woven divider in the center to protect the bottles from bumping.  The front is adored with a purple woven streamer of X's and a beautiful hand painted leather tie on attached with purple waxed linen.  What a beautiful addition to any kitchen and a great gift idea for wedding showers and visiting friends. 

Kit - $32.00                                                              Pattern only - $4.00                                                 Leather Tie On only - $9.00 


HANGING FILE FOLDER                                    Stay organized with a beautiful file basket that has dowel rods secured with the rim lacer to hold your hanging files. What a great way to get all those papers off your kitchen counters and table or help keep those important papers in your office organized at your finger tips!  Has smoked twining at base to represent dirt, then hunter reed for grass with flowers growing from the earth.

Kit - $35.00                                                              Pattern only - $4.00

FLOWER POT BASKET           Perfect little basket for your African Violet or any small potted plant.  Features a flared out "tulip" shape with spokes that end in a braid. Inside height of basket is 3-3/4".  Woven on a 3-1/2" wooden base.  Insert  liner under your plant to protect base from water


Kit - $20.00                                                              Pattern only - $4.00                                                 Plastic liners - 3 for $3.00                                       Base only - $3.00  

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