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, Royal Blue, Red, Burgundy, Mauve, Purple, Teal, Orange, Black, Smoked & Dk Green

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 This is the best water bottle you will ever use!  It sprays a fine mist and after several pumps is a continuous spray.  To weave the basket around your spray bottle, begin with this 2" round varnished base with round reed spokes and all round reed weavers in natural, smoked and a third color of your choice.  You will triple twine, 4-Rod Wale and twine.  End with a simple 2-step braid for a nice finish.  Embellish witth my "Hand Made with Love" charm and beads. (Beads may vary)  Height:  10"

Kit - $24.75  Please specify third color listed above.

Pattern only - $4.00

Varnished base only - $2.50

Mist Bottle only - $10.00  


Fashioned after the hurricane lamp, this all natural and smoked reed, basket features a slotted base, start/stop weaving, triple twining, creating a sturdy loop handle inserted from the base and a braided rim.  Included in kit are pip berries, filler, pine cones and a battery operated candle.  Perfect for any season!  H 2-1/2"    Dia. 6"

Kit - $38.00

Pattern only - $4.00

Base only - $4.00  



Height with handle:  8-1/2" Diameter:  5"

This basket introduces the round woven base concept securing flat oval spokes with twining.  On the sides you will learn an easy twill, twining in pairs, a spoke tucked rim, along with forming your own round reed handle.  Then you will learn how to make this adorable flower embellishment with pewter heart streamers which is included in kit.  Great to keep your keys in hanging from a door knob or fill with decorative flowers.  Available in the following color combinations:  Teal, Purple, Red, Hunter, Black (pictured on left) and Blue (pictured on right.)  Height w/handle:  8-1/2Diameter:  5"

Kit - $21.00

Pattern only - $4.00

NEWPump It Up

What fun to have a beautiful dispenser for your hand soak or hand cream.  This basket features lots of triple twining beginning with all color and ending with all natural.  It ends with a simple braid with your round reed spokes.  It has a small wooden base and a hand-made tree limb sign.  Available in colors lised at top of page.  Circumference in center:  12-1/2"  Height to top of pump:  8-1/2"

Kit - $28.00

Pattern only $5.00

Embellishment only - "SOAP" or "CREAM" ONLY with purchase of kit - $4.00


A fun basket woven with an 8 x 8 square rim as its handle and then learn how to disengaged the basket from the handle during the last third of your weaving. Techniques in this basket are twining, continuous over/under, triple twining in pairs, traditional rim and twisted decorative handle wrap.  Available in all colors listed above.  Shown on left is Royal Blue and on right is Auturmn Space Dyed ~ basket is stained.  Height w/handle:  8"   Height w/o handle:  5", Diameter:  7-1/2"

Kit - $32.00 Specify color choice listed above
Pattern only - $5.00
Handle/Base Combo only - $15.00 





This beautiful basket begins with a square rim as your handle inserted into an oval wooden base.  Techniques are start/stop weaving, twisting rows of burlap, arrows, twining, 4-rod wale, a separately laced rim filler and the interlocking knot in the center of the handle.  Embellishment is burlap streamers, flower and a spray of white berries with burlap.  All reed is natural and smoked.  H w/handle:  12"  L:  16"  W:  12"


Kit - $50.00

Pattern only - $5.00

Handle & Base combo only - $18.00


#2 Receive FREE SHIPPING (Up to $25) with the purchase of 
 of 2 my NEW wedding baskets kits ~ Burlap Grace and Burlap Storage. 



This large, practical and beautiful basket is woven in all smoked and natural reed.  You will learn a woven base, start/stop weaving, decorative X’s overlaid with round reed, woven handles and an inside lip to rest your lid. Mold used is USPS Box available at Shaping emphasized in pattern at top of the basket and decreasing the number of spokes.  Lid with crystal knob provided in kit but a slotted lid is available if you want to use it for a card basket at a wedding reception.  Height:  13”  Length:  12”  Width:  12”                

Kit - $50.00 (incl. lid with knob)

Pattern only - $5.00

Slotted or Lid with Knob only - $8.00


#2 Receive FREE SHIPPING (Up to $25) with the purchase of 
 of 2 my NEW wedding baskets kits ~ Burlap Grace and Burlap Storage. 


This little beauty is woven in all smoked and natural reed.  You will learn to wrap the Williamsburg handle with decorative X’s in chair caning then continue with a woven base, twining, cross-stitching and twisted burlap.  Learn to disengage your basket from the handle during last third of your weaving.  Embellish with burlap spray and white berries.  Makes a great flower girl basket.  Height w/handle:  9-1/2”   Diameter:  6-1/2”              

Kit - $32.00

Pattern only - $5.00 




This is the second in my series of Gathering baskets which begin with oval slotted bases and square rim handles attached into the base which is included in kit.  This is the medium size basket which uses a 10" x 10" handle.  You will learn to triple twine, 4 rod wale in pairs, continuous twill, how to ascend rows to achieve the tulip shape at the top, along with a rolled rim and decorative flowers and swirls  Lots to learn and lots of fun!


Kit - $51.00

Pattern only  - $5.00

Handle & Base Combo only  - $17.00





Begin with a round wooden base for this elegant snack basket with decorative sets of X's.  The majority of the basket is start/stop weaving.  Shaping is emphasized in the pattern and you will do the Triple X rim lacer in matching waxed linen.  Also the decorative X's in the center with chair caning.  Choose two colors ~ color choices listed at the top of the page.  Dia:  10"  H:  5-1/2"


NEW LINER - $9.75 Pictures coming soon

Kit - $30.00

Pattern only - $5.00

Base only - $4.00



This elegant basket begins with an oval slotted base.  Techniques in pattern are triple twining with seagrass lacing it in the center, a continuous twill in color and natural along with actually braiding seagrass for your inside and outside rims.  Pattern includes several shaping tips to be sure you achieve this unique shape.  The basket is embellished with this adorable burlap flower.  Available in aall colors listed above.  Shown in Burgundy  Height:  7-1/2", Width:  10", Length:  13"

Kit - $38.00 Specify color choice listed above
Pattern only - $5.00
Base only - $6.50


This basket begins with an octagon slotted base.  It’s charm is beginning in all natural and changing to all color including the spokes and handles you will be making.  There is a double rim and adding a dyed rim filler all laced in matching waxed linen to achieve this clean, beautiful look.  Dyed seagrass, pip berries and “Hand Made With Love” charm included in kit.  Available in Burgundy (shown above left), Hunter (shown below left), Blue and Black. Height:  6”  Length:  10”   Width: 8”

Kit - $41.00 Specify color choice listed above
Pattern only - $5.00
Base only - $5.00

A great practical basket for your serving table for silverware and napkins. Can also be a great weaving tool basket!  It has a woven base with a handle/divider that is nailed to the matching spokes.  Techniques are start/stop weaving, double spoking, triple twining in pairs, randing with hidden ends and a triple X'd rim lacer with waxed linen.  Available in a variety of colors.  Choose 2 colors from color choices listed at top of page.  H:  8"  L:  11"  W:  8-1/2"

Kit - $40.00
Pattern only - $5.00
Handle/Divider only - $15.00


A great, practical tote for carrying your tablet (I-Pad) with your phone, wallet and keys.  This basket features all smoked reed with black and burgundy accents.  It has a woven base and you will learn to triple twine, arrow twine, overlay colored spokes and braid weave.  You will braid leather accent strips and attached a braided leather handle and leather lid with embellishment. Fun to weave, fun to wear.  Height 10"  Length 10-1/2"  Width 7"

Kit - $61.00
Kit without Lid - $44.00

Pattern only - $5.00
Burgundy Quilted Liner coming soon.


Mahogany space dyed reed is featured in this black, smoked and burgundy striking basket.  Begin with an oval slotted base and triple twining, 4-rod wale and cross stitching.  These exquisite double sided black leather handles which are included in kit are attached to the black rim with mahogany space dyed overlay. A very sturdy, very impressive basket!  Height w/o handles:  6” Length:  14”  Width:  11”

Kit - $59.00
Pattern only - $5.00
Base only - $6.00




A great compliment to the Mahogany Bowl pictured below.  This basket begins with a 5-1/2" base with an 8"x 8" square handle flared out and attached in the slot which is included in kit.  The rich coloring is a unique space dying with a continuous smoked  twill at the base and spaced dyed twill on top.  Learn to lattice twine the black accent at it's widest with burgundy waxed linen.  Also learn to lace a  black round reed filler above a traditional rim.  It is embellished with matching yarn and beads which are included in kit.


Kit - $49.00

Pattern only - $4.00

Handle & Base Combo - $16.00 




A great compliment to the Mahogany Flare Basket pictured above.  Learn to twine a round base with 1/4" flat oval smoked spokes.  The rich coloring is a unique space dying with a continuous smoked twill at the base and spaced dyed twill on top.  Learn to lattice twine the black round reed black accent reed with burgundy waxed linen. Also learn to lace a black round reed filler above a traditional rim.  It is embellished with matching yarn and beads which are included in kit. This basket is a great lesson in shaping.

Kit - $30.00

Pattern only - $4.00



DIVIDED TWILL with wooden divider

This easy to twill basket begins with a 5-1/2" round slotted base.  It has a 4 compartment removal wooden divider which is included in kit that can be used for anything from organizing your desk supplies or hair accessories to serving 4 different varieties of candy.  It is rimmed with a unique triple X'd lacer done in waxed linen to match the color of your spokes. Available in Red, Purple, Teal, Navy, Burgundy, Hunter and Black

Kit - $27.00
Pattern only - $4.50
Divider only - $4.00
Base only - $3.00



The practicality of this basket is immense.  It has a woven base and double sets of spokes to make it very sturdy to carry heavy items or all your yarn and quilt squares.  The basic color is black but accented with burgundy, teal and purple reed and yarn.  Yarn and heart embellishment are included in kit.  The majority of weaving is start/stop weaving and near the top is criss cross French randing.  The swing handle inserts make it a great carrying basket. Height w/o handles 11-1/2", Width  9", Length  17"

Kit - $61.00

Pattern only - $5.00

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