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, Royal Blue, Red, Burgundy, Mauve, Purple, Teal, Orange, Black, Smoked & Dk Green

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          FESTIVE MINI

This quick and easy basket comes with all the bells and whistles.  Shown on left is my Autumn design and it also comes in a Christmas design shown below in Christmas section.  Begin with a 2" round slotted base and weave up the sides with cocoa brown 11/64" FO this quick and easy twill.  Rim and fill with Autumn pick, pre-made brown or orange sparkly bow, orange wire curls and green spanish moss to cover the green oasis.  All included in the kit! Height:  3-1/2"
Kit - $22.00
Pattern and base not sold separately




Begin with an oval wooden slotted base.  All spokes are smoked with smoked, autumn space dyed and orange weavers.  The majority of the weaving is traditional start/stop with some triple twining in autumn space dyed round reed.  Embellished with burgundy and wheat burlap flowers and eyelash yarn streamers to match included in kit.  Pattern gives 5 major shaping tips and circumference measurements to enable you to weave and shape this beautiful design.  Height:  10-3/4"

Kit - $33.00
only- $5.00
Base only
- $3.00



Add this adorable little basket to your fall collection.  It has a twined woven round reed base, continuous weaving on the sides and a rim that is a simple braiding of your spokes.  Kits include 2 cups of fall potpourri (little pumpkins, berries, cinnamon sticks and acorns) and all the fun fall rim embellishments.  Height: 3-1/2" Diameter at top ~ 5-1/2” 

Kit - $23.00
only- $4.00



Autumn Space Dyed colors, orange and natural seagrass, along with leather oak leaves, acorn and berries all included in kit make this wall or door basket the perfect Fall decoration.  Fill it with festive adornments or use it for papers and magazines.  Techniques learned are traditional start/stop weaving, zig zagging and a fancy seagrass wrapped handle.  A fun basket to weave!

Kit - $53.00
only- $5.00
Leather Mini Oak Set only - $8.00


Weave this striking Fall beauty using all smoked and dyed reed.  It has a round wooden base and spokes are secured with twining.  The entire basket is start/stop weaving with smoked, autumn space dyed and orange reed.  Learn to shape this basket like a pumpkin as I share many shaping tips to make it easy in this pattern.  Add wooden lid with branch stem and embellish with leather leaves, orange seagrass and orange wire.  Circumference in center 35"  Dia. at Top  8-1/2"  Height 7"

Kit with Lid - $41.00                                                                Kit w/o Lid - 34.00
only- $4.00
Base only - $4.00                                                                      Lid only - $7.00



HARVEST TIME               

This, easy to weave large, gorgeous basket cries out with Autumn colors.  It uses smoked and pumpkin reed with a beautiful autumn spaced dyed reed accented in the center.  It begins with a 9" round wooden base and flares out and then back in to achieve this pumpkin like shape.  Embellished with two striking leather autumn leaves and acorns included in kit.  This pattern is written for the beginner weaver and has 15 color photos and explicit directions. 

                                                   Kit49.00                                                                                   Kit w/o embellishment. - $40.00                                       Basket Pattern only-5.00                                        

Base - $5.50                                                                 Embellishment only - $9.00

Unpainted Wooden Lid with or without stem $11.00

Painted Lid $75.00 for painting plus lid cost.   Pattern for painting lid - $7.50  This painting packet was designed and painted by Barb Franzreb Bunsey.  Email her at:  bfranzreb@calicogoose.com. OR Web Site: www.calicogoose.com


This striking autumn basket begins with a 5-1/2” round slotted base. Learn this drastic contrast in shape with a continuous weaving pattern, 4 rod wale in autumn space dyed colors and smoked spokes and top.  End with a beautiful colored rim with autumn rim laces.  Embellish with autumn leaves, pine cone tip, raffia, strings of beads and wire curls all included in kit.

Kit - $39.00
only- $4.00
Base - $3.75

LITTLE PUMPKIN              

This adorable 6” high pumpkin basket begins with a 3-1/2” round slotted base and ends with a 3” round wooden lid with stem.  Shaping is a key skill in this basket along with a 2-2 twine, continuous weaving, twining the spokes as they turn downward and become the lid lip and adding a braid.  You will have fun embellishing your handle with grapevines, autumn leaves, berries and curls all included in kit.

Kit - $29.00

Pattern only - $4.50

Base only - $3.00





Heart shaped Williamsburg Handle, Hanging Easter Eggs, Rainbow ribbon bow!  These are just a few of the heart warming features of our precious Easter Basket or Baby Basket.  The sides are chase woven with natural and color and the braided rim is also natural and color.  The #2 RR bow and the ribbon bow are both pre-made for you in the kit and the 2 hanging Easter eggs are strung and ready to be put on.  Colors available are:  Pastel Space Dyed (shown) Teal (shown) Purple (shown in bottom picture on left), Light Blue and Mauve.  These have all been whitewashed and instructions are included in the pattern.  This is also a wonderful basket for a wedding gift and can be used for holding bubbles, cards, bulletins or favors.  Check out large picture of the Purple Wedding basket with wedding embellishments on Pg 5 with our Wedding Line 

Kit - $50.00
only- $4.50
Handle - Available at Grandmas Baskets and Supplies  (800) 238-2323



This is a traditional round woven bottom Easter basket.  You will learn how to twine the base, 4 rod wale, add decorative loops and wrap a fancy handle.  It is shown in my pastel space dyed reed (teal, purple, golden yellow) and can be ordered in any variety of colors.  Popular for boys is blue, green and blue&green and for girls is mauve, purple or mauve&purple.   Top Diameter 11"  Height to top of handle:  14"


Kit - $42.00   Please specify color choices

Pattern only -  $5.00        



You will learn triple twining, cross-stitching, descending rows, inserting notched handle and double X'd lacing handle techniques along with how to whitewash a basket in this darling festive Easter basket.  The base measures 9" x 9" and can be used year round in any number of colors.


Kit - $40.00   Shown in multi-color.  Please specify color choices

Pattern only -  $5.00 


This adorable little Easter Basket is 6-1/2" in diameter and is approximately 4" high.  All reed is natural and mine is spray painted gray and then whitewashed.  All pictured embellishments are in the kit including gray leather ears lined with pink fur and a pink fur nose, white fur trim and paws, cotton ball tail and ribbon.  Whitewashing directions are included with pattern.


Kit - $22.00   Extra bases available with purchase of kit for $4.00.  Pattern not sold separately.        


This adorable little Easter Basket features a cross-stitched side pattern, a braided rim plus a handle twirled with 5 pastel colors.  Base measures 4-3/4" and height to rim is 4-1/2".  Height to top of handle is approx. 9".  Pattern teaches how to whitewash and gives numerous diagrams and photos for weaving techniques. 

Kit - $23.00   Shown in multi-colors  Please specify color choices

Pattern only - $4.00          



Whether you need a winter basket to hold mittens or magazines, this snowy basket will do the trick.  It begins with a woven base and D handle in center.  Learn to arrow twine, continuous twine using blue round reed and Ό” flat oval, descending weaving, a decorative wrapped handle with a 2-tone braided rim.  This adorable basket can be whitewashed (directions included in pattern) and decorated for winter with a hand painted leather star snowman and 6 snowflakes all included in kit.

Kit - $50.00  

Pattern only -  $5.00

Leather hand painted Snowman Embellishment, Snowflakes & blue waxed linen - $10.00                     


This little Winter Treasure looks great filled with pine cones for winter, then add candy canes for the holiday season or great for a candy dish also.  It is 4-1/2" high and is woven with a 3-1-1-2 twill using a space dyed reed designed with three shades of green.  It begins with a 2" x 3-1/2" slotted base.  Besides the twill, you will learn to 4-rod wale in pairs and 4-rod wale beginning with all smoked reed and changing to all natural.  The great part of this basket is that because of the curve at the top, there is no need for a rim.  Once you have tucked your spokes, your done! It is embellished with three sprigs of evergreens, cinnamon sticks, wire curls and 2 pine cones, all inc.

Kit - $28.00

Pattern only - $4.00

Base only - $3.00  


Learn to create this cathead base and twill with 3 shades of green space dyed reed to achieve this outdoors evergreen appearance.  The base is an open weave with half natural and half smoked spokes.  After the twill you will be using natural and smoked reed for three and four rod wale.  Shaping is emphasized to end with your spoke tucked rim around an 8” hoop.  Embellish with pre-made matching ribbon bow, raffia, cinnamon sticks and a pine cone for wintertime accents which are included with this kit.

 Kit - $35.00                                                                       Pattern only - $4.00


This unique Top Hat has a thin 9” round base for its brim with holes drilled in a circle for the spokes of your hat basket.  Weaving techniques are continuous over/under, triple twining, a simple twill and ending round reed spokes.  All reed is natural and mine is spray painted black.  Instructions for spraying and sprinkling white acyrlic paint for snow are included in pattern.  Kit includes: White fur, material band, white burlap bow, twigs, white pip berries, pine cone and snowflakes. Too cute!  Height 7-1/2"  Diameter 8"

Kit - $33.00

Extra bases available with purchase of kit - $6.00 ea.  Pattern not sold separately.


These adorable little Snowman Hats are a mini version of the original.  The base measures 6-1/2" in diameter and the basket height is approx. 4".  All reed is natural and mine are spay painted burgundy and black.  All pictured embellishments are included in kit.

Kit - $19.00
Either design

Extra bases available with purchase of kit for $4.00 ea.
Pattern not sold separately

This unique Top Hat has a thin 9” round base for its brim with holes drilled in a circle for the spokes of your hat basket.  Weaving techniques are continuous over/under, triple twining, a simple twill and ending round reed spokes.  All reed is natural and mine is spray painted burgundy.  Included is white fur, black felt, burlap bow, greenery, berries, pine cones and bells. Too cute!  Height:  7-1/2"  Diameter:  8"

Kit - $33.00
Extra Bases - Available with purchase of kit for $6.00 ea.  
Pattern not sold separately.



Begin with a 5-1/2” round wooden base and insert all red spokes.  The sides are triple twined in natural, red and hunter along with start/stop hunter rows.  The fun part of this basket is that it looks totally different on the inside where there are not curls but the outside makes it look like that old fashion ribbon candy.  Learn these rows of curls using bleached hamburg cane to achieve this look.  Height 5”  Diameter at top:    Quick and easy project!                                                                                                        

Kit - $26.00

Pattern Only - $4.00

Base Only - $3.75



This adorable Candy Cane basket begins with an all red spoked, twilled base.  Sides are a simple Over 2 Under 2 start/stop twill in natural and then the top twill is the same in red.  The woven candy cane ribbon and pre-made bow and paper twist embellishment are the perfect touch to adorn this little treasure. The base measures approximately 3” x 2” and the top diameter is 7” x 5-1/2” so shaping is emphasized.

Kit - $21.00

Pattern Only - $4.00



This basket begins with a triangle shaped slotted base.  The art of lattice-twining is learned to create the Christmas Tree front.  You will also triple twine and 4-rod wale to outline your tree with red accents.  Hang mini lights and a simple tin star for a perfect finish all included in kit.  This is a must have for the holidays! 

Kit  $43.00                                                                       Triangle Base - $5.00                                                       Pattern only - $5.00


This adorable little Christmas basket begins with a slotted base.  Learn to create a handle with round reed that is inserted into the base, start/stop weaving, triple twining, decorative accents with chair caning, attaching a string of bells and a traditional rim.  Woven with all smoked, red and hunter reed and embellished with greenery, pip berries and more bells! 

With Handle Height:  9-1/2”  Diameter: 

KIT -  $24.00
Pattern - $4.00
Base - $3.00



Begin with an oval wooden slotted base.  All spokes are hunter green with natural, hunter and red weavers.  The majority of the weaving is traditional start/stop with some natural triple twining, red triple twining in pairs and red spoke overlays. This pattern features 5 major shaping tips and circumference measurements to enable you to weave and shape this beautiful design.  Leave natural or stain as my sample shows then embellish with a sparkly pre-made red bow, greenery, cream pip berries and real pine cones all included in Kit. Height:  10-3/4"


Kit - $38.00

Pattern only - $5.00

Base only - $3.00



This striking basket teaches you a fun twill and a 2-2 twine at the top which appears identical from the inside and outside of the basket.  It is decorated and designed to hold Christmas Cards but would be a beautiful accent as a centerpiece or mail holder.  The kit includes all the evergreens, berries, red and gold bells and pre-made bow.

Kit - $37.00

Pattern only - $4.50

Base only - $4.50 

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